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Wellness in EG Public Schools 

The East Greenwich School District is committed to supporting a learning environment that fosters the physical, mental, social and emotional health of our students and staff. Policies that support that commitment include the district’s Health and Wellness Policy and Mental Health Policy. This commitment is also reflected in Strategic Priority #4 in the district’s Vision 2020 strategic plan.

The district’s Health and Wellness Committee and Mental Health Subcommittee provide forums for school district staff, parents, students and community members to collaborate on efforts to promote health and wellbeing in our schools. Each committee meets approximately five times a year to advance the district’s wellness goals. 

Please click on the button below for the newly added "Virtual Calming Room."  Here you will find various resources to reduce stress, anxiety and add some fun to your day!

A list of current Health and Wellness and Mental Health Subcommittee members are listed below.  If you are interested in learning more about wellness in the EG public schools, or would like to get involved, please contact Carolyn Mark.