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Family Portal Instructions:

Instructions for the Family Portal for all East Greenwich students:

To register for the portal, you may create your own account. LINK to instructions. You can also email if you need extra help creating your account. You must have a student in the EG school system and this request must come from the email address listed on file as a contact for the student. When you registered your child in EG, you gave the enrollment staff your email address and that is the one that is in our system, unless you changed it and notified us.

This process is not automated and may take a few days to create once your request is made. Read through the Aspen Portal Guide for details on how to use Aspen. For a brief overview, click here.

Emergency Contact Info- Update/Review Online:

Update through the Family Portal! You can fill out the Update Emergency Contact Information online through the Contact Verification Workflow procedure, skip the paper form, and have the information updated within 24-48 hours. Please login to ASPEN and update your children’s Emergency Contact Information online.

Directions to Update/Review Your Child's Emergency Card

How to Download and activate the Follett Notifications Mobile app Click Here.

This will enable parents and students to receive notifications from Aspen to the Aspen app on your mobile device.

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