COVID Procedures/Guidance for Parents/Guardians

School Nurse Contact info:

Meadowbrook: Denise Sullivan - 398-1612 Frenchtown: Bonnie Brayton-Simmons - 398-398-1522

Eldredge: Leslie Green - 398-1363 Hanaford: - 398-1268

Cole: Jeanne Marie Vaughn - 398-1354 EGHS: Andrea Ridlon-Jarmie - 398-1589

COVID Attestation in Aspen:

COVID screening attestation is required every day for students coming to school in person. A parent/guardian must fill out the attestation daily through Aspen prior to the student’s arrival at school. Click here for directions on using the Aspen Family Portal. Click here for the video link.

New Procedure - Required Paperless Emergency Form in Aspen:

Emergency contact information must be reviewed/updated by the parent/guardian in Aspen prior to the start of the school year. Instructions can be found here. The school medical form also needs to be filled out yearly and returned to your child's school secretary.

Face Masks:

Students are required to wear face masks in school each day. This includes the bus ride to school and when outdoors at school. This is a mandatory requirement by the R.I. Dept. of Health. If a student forgets to wear a mask, one will be provided. The face mask needs to be 2-ply cloth or surgical and should cover just under the bridge of the nose to under the chin and wraps around the face. No gaiters, bandanas, scarves, or exhalation vented masks are allowed. Masks may be removed when eating and during mask breaks (to be determined).


If a student will be absent from in-person learning or distance learning, a parent/guardian must call the school office as done in the past. Each school will provide their contact information. An after-illness attestation form needs to be filled out for any student who returns after an illness if they had symptoms noted on this form. This may be filled out by a parent/guardian or staff member.

Procedures for identifying probable cases and contacts:

    • Protocols will be followed using the RIDOH/RIDE playbook: Outbreak Response Protocols for Pre K-12 and the East Greenwich Covid-19 Health and Safety Protocols and Procedures #4141 policy (adopted 7-28-2020)

    • Immediate isolation of a probable case, prompt dismissal and referral to healthcare provider

    • School Nurse Teachers required to report probable cases via Rhode Island Department of Health’s electronic portal on a daily basis

    • RIDOH requests- Seating charts of buses and classrooms required for contact tracing purposes

    • Families will be contacted directly by RIDOH for guidance regarding need for isolation and/or quarantine

Rhode Island Department of Health: COVID-19 K-12 Testing for Students and Staff

To schedule a test call:

(844) 857-1814 - 7 Days a Week: 7:30 AM- 9:30 PM

*This service line is only for K-12 staff and students who have symptoms, have been identified as a close contact of a positive case, or are a classmate of a positive case.


*Quick recap of new guidelines/procedures for 2020-2021:

  1. Fill out the COVID attestation each day for your child. Have your child wear a mask daily to school.

  2. Call the school office if your child will be absent. Fill out the after illness attestation form when your child returns to school.

  3. Update your child's emergency contact information.

  4. Update your child's school medical form.