Mental Health Subcommittee

Mental Health Subcommittee Goals

The Mental Health Subcommittee is committed to supporting and encouraging efforts to measure and continuously improve school culture and climate, educating the community on mental health issues, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement when it comes to how we serve the social, emotional and mental health needs of our students. Specifically, our goals in the coming year include:

  • Leading district-wide efforts to engage stakeholders and educate the school community about mental health issues and the resources that are available to address them. Strategies may include use of any of the following:
    • Mental Wellness Bulletin
    • Community forums
    • District listserv
    • Field memos
    • Guest presenters during advisories
    • Resources for teachers
    • School Newsletters / blogs
    • Social media
  • Supporting improved data collection and analysis to identify trends and better meet the social and emotional needs of students. (Questions: What do we know? What do we need to know? How can we find out?)
  • Informed by data, advocating for and celebrating, as appropriate, programs and initiatives that support student mental health. Examples include:
    • Easing transitions from middle to high school
    • Increased physical activity during the school day
    • Opportunities to practice mindfulness
    • Resilient Kids program
    • Stress-free zones
    • Student mentorship
  • Identifying and advocating for policies and practices that help to ensure that the demands placed on students do not outpace the resources students have to meet those demands. (Sample policies include homework, school start times, practice schedules, etc.)

*For more information regarding the work of the Mental Health Subcommittee, please contact Carolyn Mark by email.

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Mental Health Subcommittee Report 2015