Mental Health Initiatives

Mental Health Initiatives

History of the Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and was established by Mental Health America to raise awareness and educate people about mental health.

Programming Examples

Listed are some examples of happenings to support Mental Health Awareness Month:

Mental Health Month - May 2016

This year, the East Greenwich School District (EGSD) Mental Health Subcommittee has spearheaded a high school-based, but district-wide twitter campaign (follow @eghsmatters) to reduce stigma. The Mental Health Committee, has developed a Teacher Toolkit to support teachers in addressing issues of mental health in their classrooms. The Committee is raising visibility through the use of a Green Ribbon campaign, and is working to bring stress reducing techniques into the high school. Other efforts in the works include a Mental Health Fair at the high school, incorporating mental health into Character Counts lessons at the elementary level, and possible parent awareness events by the end of the month.

Mental Health Month - May 2015

East Greenwich observed Mental Health Awareness Month in May 2015. In this podcast, Alana Mason and Michael Guilfoyle, 2 students from EGHS, discuss how they and others are promoting Mental Health Awareness Month and why it matters. A series of student-driven seminars, youth presentations and educational activities were planned to help the public better understand mental health concerns.

Related Forms

  1. Policy Number 4220 on Mental Health (PDF)

Mental Health Month - May 2014

Some examples of what happened in the East Greenwich School District during Mental Health Awareness Month:

  • The EGSD Mental Health Subcommittee compiled a mental health assessment and series of recommendations that were presented to the School Committee. This subcommittee is comprised of:
    • Community-based mental health professionals
    • Guidance Counselors
    • Parents
    • Psychologists
    • Representatives from district administration and the school committee
    • School nurses
    • Social workers
  • Children in grades 1 and 2 throughout the District worked on motional intelligence all month. One display at Meadowbrook Farm School highlights student work on such topics as:
    • Caring
    • Family
    • Feelings
    • Friendships
    • Making good choices
    • Manners
  • Display at Eldredge featured artwork from Ms. Whitcomb's classes showing how color makes us feel.
  • EGHS, Frenchtown, and Hanaford created displays highlighting mental health and well-being.
  • Community-wide bookmark project featured student artwork with references to mental health resources in the community.
  • Work is underway to create a database of mental health resources for families in need of mental health supports.