Strategic Support

Mentoring Program

History & Overview:

The East Greenwich Strategic Support Program is a mentoring program that is district wide and began in 1999. The Program provides one to one mentoring to students by community members and interns at all East Greenwich Public Schools from Preschool to High School. Our mentors serve as a vital safety net for students who are experiencing social, emotional or academic challenges and need a positive validating relationship to boost their support network.


Mentors are recruited from our local community, as well as all of the major colleges and universities in the state. College interns can receive college credit for time spent as a mentor to a child for 1 or more academic semesters.

Mentors generally work one to one with a child but often "mentor" more than 1 child and can also work within school group activities such as our homework clubs and the school Character Education Programs.

The program requires mentors to all have Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) screening*, an interview, mentor application form, and training. Mentors also need to read and complete the Volunteer Agreement-Statement of Confidentiality (School Committee Policy #6115).

*Out of town volunteers need to have their BCI completed by their town's police department.

Become a Mentor:

Mentoring provides a rewarding opportunity for both the student and mentor and results have shown that mentoring encourages the growth of many positive personal and academic outcomes. As a mentor, you’ll form a one-to-one relationship with a student who needs your support and attention. You’ll be a positive role model and a trusted friend.

  • To learn more about becoming a mentor in East Greenwich, contact the Nina Mackta, Program Director, at 401-398-1634 or Forms may be submitted to Nina Mackta, Eldredge School, 101 First Ave, EG, RI 02818