Student Enrollment Information

This office is located at 125 Main Street (Town Hall) , East Greenwich on the lower level.

The mailing address remains 111 Peirce Street, East Greenwich, RI 02818

Registration Process:

Parents of new students may register their children at:

Office of Student Services, 125 Main Street (Town Hall), East Greenwich, RI 02818

Registration forms are available on this page (#7 below) or may be obtained from the office. Please have copies of birth certificate, proof of residency, and immunization and physical records at time of registration. For questions, contact Wendy Smith at or 401-398-1323.


  1. Will my child be eligible to attend their neighborhood school?

The district makes every effort to allow students to enroll in their neighborhood school. In some instances the grade level at that particular school may be filled. Your child may be placed on a waiting list and enrolled at the sister elementary school in these instances. For all street addresses and the home school, please see the School Attendance Elementary Areas (PDF).

2. How do I find out about bus information?

For students newly enrolled, the enrollment clerk can provide you with information about bus routes. You will need to fill out the** Bus Transportation Request Form (this is to **request and **opt out of bus transportation). Bus routes will be published on the website prior to the start of school.

3. My child will be entering Kindergarten in the fall, when do I register?

Kindergarten registration occurs each spring at the Kindergarten through 2nd Grade (K-2) elementary schools, Meadowbrook and Frenchtown. Notification will be provided ahead of time and opportunities to sign up for kindergarten screening will be provided. Each student entering kindergarten is screened using a kindergarten readiness screen, a pre-literacy screen, and a speech and language screen. In addition all kindergarten students will be provided a vision and hearing screen at their new school.

4. Will my middle school or high school student be provided a schedule at time of registration?

No, they will need to meet with the guidance counselor at their new school. To contact the high school guidance department call 401-398-1300. To contact the middle school guidance department call 401-886-3248.

5. If I register during the summer, when will I receive placement?

Placement and schedules are mailed home during August.

6. How do I register for preschool?

Integrated preschool is provided for students with special needs by the school district. Registration for this program occurs through the Central Office procedure after a child has been identified as eligible for the program. The district also offers opportunities for students to attend the preschool program through a tuition program for typical peers. If you are interested in having your child attend the typical peer program, please register online.

7. What constitutes proof of residency?

The following are examples of documents providing proof of residency:

- Copy of recent lease

- Copy of recent utility bill

- Signed copy of recent Housing and Urban Development (HUD) closing statement

8. I have a child who is a senior and another child in 8th grade and we have moved to a new district. Can they complete the school year?

In accordance with: Rhode Island (RI) General Laws § 16-64-8 (Completion of Semester or School Year), a student who changes his or her residence during the course of a semester shall be allowed to complete the semester in his or her original town of residence. If the student is a senior or about to enter his or her senior year (junior /second semester), the student shall be allowed to complete his or her senior year. East Greenwich School Department shall not provide transportation to a student exercising this option.

Change of address:

As soon as you know you will be moving, please provide Student Enrollment with your new address information: the full names of each student affected, and proof of residency for your new address.

If you are moving within the East Greenwich School District borders, you must provide proof of residency (as you did when your child was initially enrolled). It must be done each time you change addresses.

*Please note that your student's address, school, or bus transportation cannot be changed until this documentation is provided.

Acceptable proofs of residency are:

· A copy of a deed, real estate tax bill or sewer rental bill

· A copy of a fully executed lease agreement

· A current utility bill (electric, water, gas, oil, sewer)

· If in the process of purchasing a new home - a copy of a signed Purchase and Sales Agreement will be accepted if it is within 30 days of closing. *Once closing has occurred, a copy of closing statement will need to be provided.*

If you are moving OUT of the East Greenwich School District, please contact your child’s school building(s) directly for withdrawal information.

Will my student change schools?

Assignment rules vary, depending on the student's grade, when you move and where your new home is located.

East Greenwich Public Schools, 125 Main Street, East Greenwich, RI 02818

Mailing address: 111 Peirce Street, East Greenwich, RI 02818