Mr. Michael Podraza

Recent Emails to the EGHS Community

Sent 8-9-2019

Good afternoon Avengers! This email is to let you know that the summer mailing has been sent, but you don't have to wait for it to arrive in the mail. While the physical mailing should be arriving to the home address on file in ASPEN in the next few days, below you will find a pdf. file of this year's mailing.

In addition to the pdf file below you will also find links to some documents and resources to help support both you and the programs that support students at EGHS. Regardless of whether you use digital or printed copies, please be sure to fully read and fill out the contents of the summer mailing as it contains critical information and a few required actions necessary to begin the new school year on a positive note. Our thanks in advance for your help and cooperation.

Summer Mailing Documents That Can Be Viewed Digitally and Individually

Other Helpful Links for SY 19-20

We look forward to seeing all of our students on the first day of school, Wednesday the 28th. Until then, have a wonderful remainder of your summer vacation.


Michael Podraza

Principal, East Greenwich High School


Sent 6-25-2019

Good morning. This email is to inform the EGHS community that Q4 report cards for SY 18-19, along with tentative student schedules for SY 19-20 have been mailed and should arrive at your mailing address later this week.

Q4 Report Cards

  • Are still available for download via the ASPEN family portal.
  • Questions about any grade or comment found on the report card should be directed to the teacher of record.
  • The GPA listed at the top of the report card is a career cumulative GPA
  • Should you be unable to download or should the report card not arrive, please contact Mrs. Sherry Mong in the guidance office at

Schedules for SY 19-20

  • Please click here to be taken to a digital copy of the scheduling letter that accompanies student schedules for next school year.
  • Use this link (click here) to report any issues with student schedules. Please note that the guidelines for schedule changes that are outlined in the aforementioned letter and found in the digital form are strictly adhered to.
  • Please note that all schedules are considered tentative and are subject to changes prior to the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year.

Not Returning or Attending EGHS in SY 19-20?

  • If your child will NOT be attending EGHS in the fall due to moving out of the area, attending a private school or for other reasons, we kindly ask that you notify the high school guidance office in writing or by email as soon as possible. We face an increase in our high school population for the upcoming school year and having an accurate count will enable more flexibility in the student scheduling process. Notice via email can be sent to Mrs. Sherry Mong at

Thank you for your support of East Greenwich High School. Have a wonderful day.

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